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History & Ownership

PARCO Pearl Gas (Private) Limited (PPGL), a fully owned subsidiary of Pak Arab Refinery Limited, is Pakistan’s largest LPG Marketing company. The company has had a strong presence in Pakistan’s LPG sector for three decades and was previously known as SHV Energy Pakistan, having been affiliated with the Dutch SHV group which is the largest LPG marketer in the world.

In its 30 plus years in Pakistan the company has amassed vast experience in serving the needs of Pakistan’s energy market, and offers customized energy solutions for a wide range of applications for domestic, industrial, and commercial consumers.

Market Presence

PPGL has a secure supply of LPG through various LPG producers and sells close to 85,000 metrictons of LPG per annum in cylinders and bulk. PPGL has the most diversified geographical presencein the country with 5 Filling Plants and 8 Gas Distribution Centers at strategic locations throughoutPakistan, as well as a nation-wide network of over 400 distributors.PPGL markets LPG under two different brands, namely Pearl Gas and Super Gas. Super Gas Bulkoffers customized solutions specially designed to cater to the requirements of industrial and commercial users.

6 kg Cylinder
Also called the camping cylinder, the portable and lightweight 6 kg cylinder is ideal for camping and outdoor usage. It is also ideal for small families, and homes which need affordable and economical packaging for domestic usage.

11.8 kg Cylinder
The 11.8 kg domestic cylinder is the standard size for household usage.

45.4 kg Cylinder
The commercial cylinder is designed for commercial entities such as restaurants and eateries. It is also suitable for homes which have high LPG consumption

Home Delivery
PPGL also offers a Home Delivery facility to domestic consumers in selected areas. For information please contact...

45.4 kg Cylinder
The commercial cylinder is designed for commercial entities such as restaurants and eateries. It is also suitable for homes which have high LPG consumption.

Multi-cylinder Manifolds are an ideal solution for commercial entities which have high consumption and require higher pressure and flow of gas. Manifolds are also an ideal solution for small scale industrial units where space constraints prevent the installation of bulk storage tanks.

200 kg Cylinder
200 kg cylinders are specially designed for businesses which have high off-take requirements but cannot install bulk storage tanks due to space constraints. These can also be ins...

PPGL through its differentiated and value-added products, is offering unique solutions to meet the energy needs of its valued customers.

Bulk Tanks
The energy needs of industrial establishments are met by provision of safe-all LPG Bulk Tanks invested & installed by PPGL within customer premises. An efficient fleet of LPG Road Tankers ensures timely supply of Super Gas at customer site to ensure un-interrupted production.

These LPG storage tanks ensure peace of mind, safety and operational ease.

200 Kg Tanks
These tanks are specifically designed for small & medium enterprises having lesser consumption pattern & off-take requirement. These customers have space c...


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Supply Chain

PARCO Pearl Gas boasts the biggest and most modern transport network in the industry, a fact which enables us to excel in meeting our customers' requirements.

Convenience at the Door Step

Our primary transport fleet of 37 carriers with a combined capacity of 827 metric tons ensures that our supply chain from LPG sources is always functional, no matter what the circumstances

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