LPG Applications

LPG caters to all types of energy needs in households, high rise buildings and housing colonies including cooking, space heating and water heating.

With a significant proportion of homes and indeed land on which homes can be built, the choice of heating technology can present a dilemma for self-builders & developers constructing a property in a location where NG is not available. However Super Gas provides following benefits enabling them to take prudent decision of selecting fuel of choice.

  • First and foremost are Super Gas’s environmental credentials – it is the lowest carbon fossil fuel available to customers
  • However, self-builders and developers looking to build a home which can genuinely boast low carbon technology as a unique selling point will broaden their options if they choose Super Gas as the starting point
  • The easy-to-maintain LPG Bulk Tank assures consistent supply to entire colony without fear of pressure drop and provide peace of mind that ample stock of Super Gas is available
  • Hassle Free delivery at the door step through mobile tankers makes life more easy and endorses the prudent decision of making Super Gas as a fuel of choice
  • It is also worth considering the many other advantages Super Gas offers compared to other fuels. Thanks to the telemetry systems installed at customer sites, Super Gas is as reliable as Natural Gas
  • The telemetry system notifies the company as soon as the Super Gas in the tank is running low and automatically schedules a refill – ensuring that the customer never runs out of LPG. Furthermore, we have the most extensive delivery fleet of Super Gas supply vehicles in Pakistan and the largest storage facilities of any LPG supplier, meaning security of supply all year round is just as dependable as piped Natural Gas
  • Off the grid land owners need special attention; constant development and innovation is the key to ensuring LPG is the future fuel, playing a pivotal role in eco-friendly home and business development.

LPG can be used for a variety of applications in commercial entities such as restaurants, caterers,hotels, resorts, bakeries, etc. Some applications are:


Space Heating

Water Heating

LPG powered generator

LPG-run Golf Carts / Lawn Mowers

The applications of LPG in the industry are ever increasing, with diverse segments of the industry using it as an alternative fuel source. Some applications are:

Fuel source for Fork Lift Trucks (FLTs)

Steam generation through boilers

Metal cutting applications in Ship Breaking, Steel Industry, and Fabrication Shops

Raw Material for Foam Manufacturing and Insulation Material

Corrugation in Paper and Board Industry

Wadding machine applications in the Textile Industry

Kilns and furnaces in Steel, Metal, and Ceramics industries

Heat treatment for the Fabrication Industry

Spray-drying for Ceramics and Chemicals industries

Paint drying and curing for appliances

Thermal Oil heating in Textile and miscellaneous process industries

Annealing, Annodizing & Galvanizing for steel, brass, and metals

Zinc, alluminum, and brass melting

Singeing / Calendaring for textile industry

Glass, Plastic, and Alluminum Extrusion

Gasification of housing colonies and high-rise apartments

Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) for peak shaving

Baking ovens and fryers in Food Processing industry

LPG is also used in industries and processes related to agriculture and livestocks. Some current applications include:

Tobacco Curing

Rice and Grain drying

Poultry rearing – Controlled Sheds