Our Valued Customers


In order to gain the ability of instant response to the rapidly changing requirements of the fashion world, Forest Sweaters has the facility of computerized design and pattern making (SIRIX), providing varied design potential and enabling us to reduce our response time to our customers. Before Super Gas Bulk our response time varied due to diesel procurement problems, its delivery, maintenance of machinery, and stoppages in operations due to loop holes in our contractor’s delivery mechanism”.

General Manager – Forest Sweaters (Pvt) Limited, Lahore

“Our members are from the elite class of Karachi and we feel pleasure in entertaining them by state of the art recreational and catering facilities. For catering we use Super Gas Bulk as a fuel because it is not only clean and environment friendly but also makes us satisfied of being associated with its quality service”.

Director Operations – Arabian Sea Country Club, Karachi

“Super Gas Bulk is our only fuel of choice because it provides us the dual advantage of no worries for refills as well as efficiency.”

General Manager – Sandal Dyestuff Industries (Pvt) Limited, Sangla