The applications of LPG in the industry are ever increasing, with diverse segments of the industry using it as an alternative fuel source. Some applications are:

Fuel source for Fork Lift Trucks (FLTs)

Steam generation through boilers

Metal cutting applications in Ship Breaking, Steel Industry, and Fabrication Shops

Raw Material for Foam Manufacturing and Insulation Material

Corrugation in Paper and Board Industry

Wadding machine applications in the Textile Industry

Kilns and furnaces in Steel, Metal, and Ceramics industries

Heat treatment for the Fabrication Industry

Spray-drying for Ceramics and Chemicals industries

Paint drying and curing for appliances

Thermal Oil heating in Textile and miscellaneous process industries

Annealing, Annodizing & Galvanizing for steel, brass, and metals

Zinc, alluminum, and brass melting

Singeing / Calendaring for textile industry

Glass, Plastic, and Alluminum Extrusion

Gasification of housing colonies and high-rise apartments

Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) for peak shaving

Baking ovens and fryers in Food Processing industry